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 Resident Evil Code: Veronica Complete Original Soundtrack

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Resident Evil Code: Veronica Complete Original Soundtrack BiohazardCVcostb8e36

Track listing

Disc one

"The Movie"
"Title Calling"
"Opening: Claire Version"
"Thrown Into Despair (Saved by Rodrigo)]]"
"Once Again (Graveyard Zombies Appear)"
"First Contact (Steve Appears)"
"Death Siege (Reception Theme)"
"Steve's Chafe"
"Incoming (Theme of Impatience)"
"Putrid Smell (Medical Building Theme)"
"The Palace of Insane (Mansion Theme)"
"A Moment of Relief (Save Room Theme)"
"Infants (Childhood Video)"
"Hot Rescue (Steve's Rescue)"
"Through the Scope (Alfred Appears)"
"Piano Roll (Music Box Piano Version)"
"Greetings (Wesker Appears)"
"Induction (Military Training Ground Theme 1)"
"Other side of Glass (Researchers Devoured by Beasts)"
"Getting Out (Claire Escaping the Shutters)"
"Target Locked (Alfred Locking On)"
"Pulsating Right Arm (Bandersnatch Appears)"
"Here Comes the Knight (Steve the Enraged ~ The Lights Go Out)"
"Entrapment (Military Training Ground Theme 2)"
"Curiosity (How about your family?)"
"Lachrymal (Steve's Tears)"
"The Suspended Doll (Private Residence Theme 1)"
"One-man Show (Alfred's One-man Show)"
"Ashford's Music Box"
"Pandora's Box (Private Residence Theme 2)"
"The Secret Door (The False Alexia Attacks)"
"Not Alexia (Alexia's Not Here)"
"A State of Emergency (Escape from the Island Theme)"
"It's back! (Tyrant's Revival)"
"The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver.A (Tyrant Battle 1)"
"As You Wish"
"Revenge! (Alfred to the Antarctic...)"
"The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver.B (Tyrant Battle 2)"
"Midnight Sun"
"Crash! (Crashing into the Arctic Base)"
"Blanc (Antarctic Base Theme 1)"
"The Confined IT (Nosferatu's Discovery)"
"You Think You're Safe Now? (Alfred's Ghost)"
"Resonance of Blood (Nosferatu's Revival)"
"Go With the Digger"
"The Theme of Nosferatu (Nosferatu Battle)"
"The Ending of the Beginning (Claire's Ending)"

Disc two

"The Opening: Chris Version"
"I Need to Know (Rodrigo and Chris' Conversation)"
"R.I.P. Rodrigo Rest In Peace"
"Intrigue (Military Training Ground Theme 3)"
"Berceuse (Alexia's Lullaby)"
"Claws of Doom (Hunter Appears)"
"Here they come (Hunter Vs Chris)"
"Still Alive (Wesker Vs Chris)"
"To Antarctica (Chris Heads to Antarctica)"
"Subzero (Arctic Base Theme 2)"
"Fortress of Ants (Chris Sees the Anthill)"
"Bad Way or BAD Way (Alexia Vs Chris)"
"Deja Vu (Arctic Base Theme 3)"
"At Last (Chris and Claire Meet Again)"
"Sardonic Smile (Alexia Appears)"
"Divided (The Tentacles Appear)"
"Rasen (Arctic Base Theme 4)"
"Not Steve (Steve Transformed)"
"Love? (Steve's Death)"
"You Want It (Alexia Vs Wesker Part 1)"
"T-Veronica (Alexia's Metamorphosis)"
"Murderous Eyes (Alexia Vs Wesker Part 2 Full Version)"
"The Theme of Alexia Type 1"
"The Resurrection of Alexia"
"Silence of the Air (Chris and Claire's Doorframe Conversation)"
"The Code is Veronica (Arctic Base Theme 5)"
"Transformation (The Tentacles Appear - Alexia Type 1)"
"Resurrection (Alexia Type 1 - To Type 2)"
"Final Weapon"
"The Theme of Alexia Type 2"
"For S.T.A.R.S. (Chris and Claire Confront Wesker)"
"Confrontation (Wesker Urges Chris On)"
"Awesome Powers (Wesker Vs Chris Part 2)"
"Invincible!? (Wesker Reborn)"
"Velocity (Escape from the Arctic Base - Chris' Ending)"
"End Credits (COMPLETE Version)"
"Set Free (Ranking BGM1)"
"Doze (Ranking BGM2)"
"New Battle (Character Select BGM)"
"Albinoid's Battle BGM (Soundtrack)"
"Sandworm! (Battle BGM)"
"Jingles Collection"
"Music Box: Clock Version"
"End Credits Dreamcast Original Version"
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Resident Evil Code: Veronica Complete Original Soundtrack
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