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 Resident Evil 3 Original Soundtrack

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Resident Evil 3 Original Soundtrack RE3ostAlbumCover3ebf6

Track listing

Disc one

"The Last Escape"
"Option Screen"
"Title Calling"
"Her Determination"
"The Opening"
"The Beginning of Nightmare"
"Is There a Way Out?"
"The Great Novelist"
"Free From Fear"
"Meeting Brad"
"Cold Sweat"
"The City of Ruin"
"Imminent Slaughter"
"Nemesis' Theme"
"Feel the Tense..."
"The Front Hall"
"The First Floor"
"Well Dressed Up"
"The City Without Hope"
"Watch Out for Your Back"
"Carlos' Theme"
"Never Give Up the Escape"
"Nicholai's Theme"
"Together for the Escape"
"Coldhearted Soldier"
"Quick & Fast Relief"
"The Common Cure"
"Escape to Ecstasy"
"Zombies Trespassing"
"Free Falling"
"Abrupt Gunfire"
"Don't Come Any Closer!"
"Complete Rest"
"Hero Time"
"S.G.G.S. Explosion"
"Pride and Valor"
"An Impending Danger"
"Cable Car Crash"

Disc two

Ominous Presentiment
The Clock Tower
Don't Lose Courage
No Rest for the Wicked
Mysterious Orgel (Correct)
Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)
From Relief to Terror
Menacing Nemesis
Unstoppable Nemesis
Bring Back Her Consciousness
The Hospital
Almost There...
Nemesis Again
Nothing But a Pawn
The Grave Digger
The Park
The Disused Plant
All of a Sudden
The Worst Scenario
Defiant Behavior
The Last Argument
Deservedly Death
Four Minutes Before the Treatment
Nemesis Doesn't Give Up
Treated to Resurrect
Missile Approaching
Against the Chopper
Emergency Level D
Nemesis Final Metamorphesis
The Last Decision
The Second Chopper (Ver. 1)
The Second Chopper (Ver. 2)
The Second Chopper (Ver. 3)
Euthenasia of Raccoon City
Unfortunate Event
Staffs & Credit
Ever After
Title Calling (Arranged Ver.)
Choose the Best One
The Doomed City
Hellish Agony
Freedom Obtained
Reward and Result
Commercial-1 (Short Ver.)
Commercial-2 (Long Ver.)
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Resident Evil 3 Original Soundtrack
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