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 Biohazard Sound Chronicle

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Biohazard Sound Chronicle BHbtcAlbumCover53a26

Track listing

Disc one - Biohazard 2 Best Track Collection

"[[The Evil Eye"
"The Beginning of the Story"
"Raccoon City"
"The Front Hall"
"The First Floor"
"The Second Floor"
"Screaming Target"
"Secure Place"
"Leon With Claire"
"The Library"
"Sherry's Theme"
"The Basement of Police Station"
"The First Malformation of 'G'"
"Annette's Recollection"
"Ada's Theme"
"The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)"
"The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)
"The Second Malformation of 'G'"
"The Underground Laboratory"
"Is Ada Spy!?"
"Wreckage of the Mad Experiment"
"Good Bye, Leon"
"One More Kiss"
"Escape From Laboratory"
"The Third Malformation of 'G'"
"Normal End Title"
"Special End Title"
"Credit Line of Whole Staff"
"And After That..."
"Fearful is No Word for It
"Maximize Your Survival Instinct"
"'The Ultimate Bio-Weapon' Medley"

Disc two - Biohazard 3 Best Track Collection

"The Last Escape"
"Her Determination"
"The Opening"
"The Beginning of Nightmare"
"Free From Fear
"Cold Sweat"
"The City of Ruin"
"Imminent Slaughter"
"Nemesis' Theme"
"Feel the Tense..."
"Well Dressed Up"
"The City Without Hope"
"Carlos' Theme"
"Never Give Up the Escape"
"Nicholai's Theme"
"Pride and Valor"
"The Clock Tower"
"Mysterious Orgel (Correct)"
"From Relief to Terror"
"Unstoppable Nemesis"
"Bring Back Her Consciousness"
"The Hospital"
"Nemesis Again"
"The Grave Digger"
"The Park"
"The Disused Plant"
"The Last Argument"
"Four Minutes Before the Treatment"
"Nemesis Doesn't Give Up"
"Missile Approaching"
"Emergency Level D"
"Nemesis Final Metamorphesis"
"The Last Decision"
"Euthenasia of Raccoon City
"Unfortunate Event"
"Staffs & Credit"
"Ever After"
"Choose the Best One"
"The Doomed City"
"Hellish Agony"
"Freedom Obtained"
"Reward and Result"

Disc three - Biohazard Code: Veronica Best Track Collection

"The Movie"
"Opening: Claire Version"
"Thrown Into Despair"
"Death Siege"
"The Palace of Insane"
"A Moment of Relief"
"Through The Scope"
"Piano Roll"
"Here Comes The Knight"
"The Suspended Doll"
"Pandora's Box"
"A State of Emergency"
"The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver. B"
"Midnight Sun"
"The Theme of Nosferatu"
"The Ending of The Beginning"
"The Opening: Chris Version"
"Still Alive"
"To Antarctica"
"Deja Vu"
"At Last"
"Not Steve"
"You Want It"
"Murderous Eyes"
"The Theme of Alexia Type 1"
"Silence of the Air"
"The Code is Veronica"
"The Theme of Alexia Type 2"
"For S.T.A.R.S."
"Awesome Powers"
"End Credits (Complete Version)"
"Set Free"

Disc four - Biohazard (2002) Best Track Collection

"Shot in the Silence"
"Evil Dead"
"Lost in Darkness"
"A Casualty"
"Save Theme"
"Vacant Room"
"Narrow and Close"
"Sigh of Relief"
"The Encounted"
"Ivies' Domain"
"Talking to Yourself?"
"Cold Water"
"Vines of Wrath"
"Plant 42"
"New Threat"
"Rush of Fear"
"Rush of Horror"
"Bravo Captain"
"Room of Lisa"
"Question of Trust"
"The Depth"
"Concrete Bound"
"Secret Revealed"
"The Awakening"
"Ending Credits"

Disc five - Biohazard 0 Best Track Collection

"Lullaby 1"
"To the Bottom of Insanity"
"1st Zombie"
"Zombie Dog"
"Lullaby 2"
"The Creeping Hiru 1"
"Critical Point"
"Training Facility Main Theme"
"Spasm and Curve"
"Training Facility II"
"Catch & Hang"
"Training Facility III"
"Dormitory Main Theme"
"In the Torture Room"
"Marcus' Scheme"
"Save Reb"
"Scorching Nightmare"
"Training Facility IV"
"In the Cage Room"
"Iament ~ Success"
"Iament ~ Failure"
"Chapel Main Theme"
"Air Raid"
"Chapel III"
"Marcus' Memories"
"Chapel II"
"The Creeping Hiru 2"
"Blade of Misfortune"
"P-Tyrant 01"
"Billy's Recollection"
"Tyrant, Again"
"P-Tyrant 02"
"[[Dormitory ~ Processing Plant"
"Last Whisper"
"Zero ver. 2"
"Confrontation with Marcus"
"Queen Leech"
"Odd Lump"
"Means of Escape"
"One Flashing"

Disc six - Biohazard 4 Best Track Collection

"End of Umbrella"
"The Drive ~ First Contact"
"Ganado I"
"A Strange Pasture"
"Ganado II"
"Echo in the Night"
"Ganado III"
"El Gigante"
"Bitores Mendez"
"Game Over"
"Ganado IV"
"Cold Sweat"
"Central Hall"
"Bad Vibes"
"Tower of Death"
"Save Theme"
"Ganado V"
"Evil Malaise"
"Path to Closure"
"Final Battle"
"The Escape"
"Sorrow (Ending Credits)"
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Biohazard Sound Chronicle
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